PrimeLink International Students

PrimeLink Universal

Our most versatile product, PrimeLink Universal, is perfect for Canadian travellers under 60, families, snowbirds and more.


  • Single-trip, top-up and multi-trip annual plans (no medical questionnaire for clients under 60 years of age)
  • Canada-only plans (pricing is 50% lower than out-of-country premiums)
  • All-inclusive plans (emergency medical coverage plus trip cancellation, trip interruption, and baggage loss)

PrimeLink Quick Issue

Quick Issue is a multi-trip annual family plan with competitive rates and simple plan options. With no medical questionnaire required, applications take only minutes. Pre-existing conditions are covered with a stability period.


  • Annual 16-day or 30-day plans (age limit = 69)
  • Single or family plans (cost is same for 1 person or entire family)
  • Emergency medical or all-inclusive coverage

PrimeLink TravelSense

PrimeLink TravelSense covers fully disclosed pre-existing conditions without a stability clause. TravelSense is great for those travellers who have had difficulty securing coverage in the past.


  • Single-trip plans only (eligibility and trigger questions required for all ages)