TravelWell Trip Extension Applications

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Contact CanAm to process TravelWell Trip Extension applications over the telephone at 1-877-717-7267 or use one of the applications below.

Important Information

  • A stability period is required for all plans. If you have any questions or concerns about this, contact CanAm or refer to the policy wording.
  • After departure extensions are only issued if no claim has been incurred on the existing policy and there is no intent to claim.
  • The trip, including the extension, can not exceed 183 days (212 days if your client resides in Ontario or Newfoundland) unless the province has authorized an extension to the clients’ government health insurance plan.
  • Coverage is not bound until the policy is agreed upon by CanAm Insurance. Coverage is not bound by fax.


Before Departure Refunds

If you have purchased an Emergency Medical Plan, you may cancel your policy prior to your scheduled date of departure (your first travel date if you have purchased a Multi-Trip Emergency Medical plan). Refunds are not available on All-Inclusive plans.

After Departure Refunds

If you return home before your scheduled return date as per your confirmation and have not had a claim, you may request a refund of premium (minimum $25) for the unused coverage days of your trip. Simply call us to provide the details of your early return. Refunds are not available on All-Inclusive and Multi-Trip plans.

CanAm offers multiple product options for extensions. Call to inquire. Coverage can also be purchased by contacting CanAm by telephone at 1-877-717-7267.